Nano Pishtaz Pars Company (NPPC)is a high tech manufacturing entity in Iran, with well founded infrastructure, we have excellent records of growth in the healthcare sector with a value based objectives.

 NPPC is a leading company in manufacturing Antibacterial tiles and ceramics in the Middle East; we are the member of Iranian Nano Committee holding the pertinent certificates. Ever leading while learning; always integrating the best approaches in technology, communication and management; always partnering with technicians, entrepreneurs and forward-thinking individuals.

 EXCELLENCE is the true value in NPPC. Our duty continues to do so in order to achieve and maintain this great value in serving its clients. As a result of our strong commitment coupled with execution of the planned company strategies and our emphasis on quality service and we have been gaining the customers’ satisfaction. Recognizing that our customers are our primary business partners, every day we strive to achieve unparalleled customer satisfaction by supplying a broad range of quality products, delivered in a timely manner, with a unique service at all levels.

 NPPC functions on the following basic organizational components:

 – Highly skilled and professional personnel

-Good quality products and services

-Marketing strategy and business oriented management