Hospitals and Healthcare

Our Antibacterial tiles are resistant to germs, dirt, bacteria and many other unhealthy elements. NPPC tiles are also mold resistant.

We provide Antibacterial tiles that eludes mold to create flooring that is mold resistant. This antibacterial tiles stalls the growth of mold and bacteria in order to provide clean flooring. Our mold resistant flooring is ideal for areas which experience high levels of contact with moisture.

Hospital Flooring and Operating room floors and walls must be clean, and our tiles

are exactly that. We provide hospital and operating room flooring and walls that are extremely clean. Floors are a major element of hospital and operating room construction. Our tiles do not entail too much cost in terms of installation and upkeep. NPPC tiles for Operating rooms are designed keeping in mind the importance of infection control in a hospital. Our operating room flooring is therefore easy to clean and maintain, which ensures that patients are not adversely affected by the fumes and noises generated by cleaning activities. It is designed to withstand the high traffic in the room, which therefore eliminates the constant need of having to repair your floors, especially seeing as these rooms are rarely empty under normal operating conditions. They are highly durable which prevents the disruption of patient care arising from repair work. In this way, you can avoid taking the very important operating room out of service at critical times.