Commercial kitchens

NPPC tiles are the best commercial kitchen flooring solution because they are durable, clean and very attractive. Every top class quality kitchen needs to have a reliable floor which is in keeping with the standards of the particular hotel or restaurant. These tiles are great for both new and renovated kitchens, because our flooring is very hygienic, which makes it perfect for the commercial kitchen flooring.

Durable kitchen flooring is important as it comes in handy when liquids spill orĀ utensils crash onto the floor. They are also durable enough to withstand the constant use of cleaners which are required to keep the floor clean and hygienic for the kitchen. Every commercial kitchen such as those found in hotels or restaurants should have durable kitchen flooring that is tough and highly resistant to wear. With the antibacterial tiles, those working in the kitchens of restaurants, hotels or catering establishments are provided with a clean, comfortable and reliable working environment for preparing delicious meals.