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Antibacterial Tiles

Our Antibacterial Tiles are resistant to bacteria, germs, dirt, and many other unhealthy elements. They are also mold resistant and do not permit penetration or growth of harmful contaminants.  Our glazed tiles belong to the latest generation of ceramic elements. Based on Nano technology, the glaze of tiles produce and then heat up in the furnace. Our products are treated during the processing steps with a mass addition of antibacterial mineral particles having the capacity to abate the four main bacterial strains by 99.9% as follows:

Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus faecalis, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonoas aeruginosa

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Our Projects

.Hospital Flooring and Operating room floors and walls must be clean, and our tiles

.are exactly that. We provide hospital and operating room flooring and walls that are extremely clean

Other places such as : Clinics, Health Centers, Industrial Kitchens, Restaurants, Canteens, Hotels, Nursing & Retirement Homes, Physical Education Centers, Pools, Saunas, Public & Private Space Building and many other places that need healthy materials

more information about our projects
پروژه های نانو پیشتاز پارس

Our Certificates

Nano Pishtaz Pars has gained an important step in confirming its activities in the past years by obtaining important Certificates such as: the Certificate of the Pasteur Institute of Iran, the CE certification, the approval of the Ministry of Health, the ISO certification, the Certificate of the Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Ministry of Health.

Technical Certificates


About Us

NanoPishtaz Pars Co., a member of the leading nanotechnology committee for the production of anti-bacterial tiles, is proud to present an ideal and efficient combination of antibacterial properties using nanoparticle nanoscale science, with expertise in medicine, chemistry, microbiology and biology. Introducing the new phenomenon to the medical community. The tiles manufactured by the company without any need for chemical disinfectants or anti-bacterial sprays is permanently anti-bacterial in darkness and brightness and does not lose its properties by washing or rubbing.


Foundation of Nano Pishtaz Pars


 researching and testing with its specialized team for the production of a functional nanotechnology product that produced anti-bacterial tile


 Achieving a number of valid certificates to confirm the activities of the Nano Pishtaz Pars


introducing the product as laboratory and semi-industrial


the product was manufactured industrially and massively.


And since 2015, more than 80 hospital centers in Iran have been equipped with Nano Pishtaz unique product.